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About us

Blink Film Lab., base on Taipei, Taiwan. Focusing on advertising, soundtracks, animations, etc., our studio offers a wide range of solutions for all types of images; from directors, video stories, photography, lighting and post-production; it also offers advertising and music. Video, microfilm, late film and other complete image service processes.


In 2014, it led the industry to fully use 4K format recording, and pursued high-quality image production. And in the domestic competition has repeatedly achieved good results.

In addition to commercial production, NCKU Video Creation Camp, a big-scale video creation camp, was established at National Cheng Kung University to promote photography, filmmaking, and video creation.


In July 2016, Blink Image Corp., was formally established and was selected as a member of CCIRDC in NCKU. In the future, We will continue to improve our skill and create more high-quality images. After our company moved to Taipei, we cooperated with a number of interdisciplinary talents such as advertising directors, film producers, online marketing experts, designers and animators. We hope that it will be more than just a film, but also a multiplication. A good story with memories and emotions.

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